Competition as Racism  

Posted by Srikar

With a bit of personal experience & the reality we live in, I decided to write on the challenges faced by little ones & youth that results in physical & mental stress. 

The day you are born,  before you take in fresh air you hear weird noises saying “Mera beta Engineer Banega”, “Nahi Mera beta Doctor Banega” , “ Isko tho MBA hi karvana padega “,  "Dekho iska chehra, yeh tho class mein FIRST ayega " . Hey little chap!!!, you are lucky as you don’t understand them so early :-)

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”  ~ Stacia Tauscher

Poor parent’s are in tough position in finding a school with good educational standards & a one which they can afford. Today, many schools loot parents pockets with a tag “INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PVT LTD”. Yes no offense, all do have Mineral Water & Air Conditioner’s :P , the other things such as playgrounds, practical learning systems & a good mentoring system are found only with a few out of many.

We see many school kids carrying heavy bags that results in physical stress on the body. Still no offense, bacha ko B.D, A.D se lekhar aaj tak har cheej eki din mein padana hein :P. Apart from paying hell amount of money to school, little one’s are sent to tuition's killing their free time to play. BTW why are they sent, Haha... you have many answer’s for it. Jot them down &  just give them a DAMN!!!


As a result of competition, Life turned out to be a RACE. Race in terms of finding all the ways your kid can have edge over others & Race in term’s of RACISM. Who ever wins award them & what about the rest?? MAKE THEM RUN FASTER. 


These logos still haunt :P . Get up by 6.00am, RUN, RUN…RUN. The time you come back to home is left to their choice :-(  These educational institutions  have gone to an extent of advertising that resulted in loss of interest in choosing subjects like economics, history, political sciences etc as their career in many states of India. These institutions apart from charging heavy fee’s from all the students for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, EAMCET etc only give importance to the cream leaving the rest in dustbin. The amount of profit’s they make every year from hard earned money of common man is of no match to the justice they do for everyone. Hey ppl, don’t forget to breathe during these years of lifelessness :P :D

Yes we got a chance to breathe :P . But confused with many choices available we land up in some stream to drive the future :P. We have lot’s of fun, explore many things. Today lakhs of engineer’s are produced each year, but are left jobless. Many land up in doing a job that is no way related to what they have learnt in engineering. Here, few lucky one’s don’t repeat mistakes done in the past, they go by their passion. What about the rest? The cycle repeats Graduate>JOB>Marriage>Unka Bachein>Phir cinema REPEAT! :P :P

Mental Illness as a result of stress
Your family member’s, uncle’s, aunt’s expect you to become something which you don’t even  know or you are not interested at all. Many times we keep fighting with our inner interest’s & what the outside world expects out of us. As a result many endup with anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disordersschizophrenia & few commit Suicides. Recent statistics show that teens in Southern India have the World's Highest Suicide Rates in the world.

A good effort in understanding each other(parents & children) will help in providing good support during difficult times & achieving your goals formed out of your passion. Few movies in the recent times such as "Taare Zameen Par" & "3 Idiots" made a good effort  in educating the challenges & the problems faced. Hope many such movies come up focusing on various issues that gives coming generation “A RAY OF HOPE”.

For the one’s who feel this article very pessimistic in nature, Trust me you are very lucky. But this is the reality with many. Soon in the future, Let's hope many feel lucky too ;-)

Note: Few of my sentences were taken from the movie 3 Idiots, couldn't find a better way to express ;-)

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