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With the birth of Free Software Movement started by Richard Stallman & his supporter’s, & an important decision taken by Linus Torvalds by licensing Linux kernel under GPL has revolutionized the computing world to an extent without which the computing world hadn’t taken it’s glorious form what we see today.
It’s almost 26 years Free Software foundation came into existence & Linux Kernel turned 20 recently. With a huge excitement I’m writing important achievements made by free software community & its contribution to the world.

Who use GNU/Linux?

· Humans ;-)
· Super Computing: 91% of the top 500 super computer run on Linux.
· Astronomy: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory sees the universe more clearly.

· Aeronautics: German Air Traffic Control does it’s radar processing on Linux

· Mobility: Google’s Android was built on top of GNU/Linux.

· Education: HRD Ministry, Govt of India introduces Rs 1500/- tablet that runs on GNU/Linux with plan to distribute this tablet to 504 universities and 25,000 colleges across the country.
· Manufacturing: ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel manages it’s production lines on Linux

· Financial Services: London Stock Exchanges new trading platform runs on Linux

· Banking: UMB Financial Corp secures it’s IT infrastructure with Linux

· Retail: Café Coffee Run’s it’s ERP on Linux. Mahindra Retail deploys SAP ERP+SUSE Linux on
commodity x86 hardware

· Insurance: ING Life, India migrates its desktop fleet from windows to Linux.
National Insurance Company migrates 1000+ servers from UNIX to Linux.

· Services Industry: Just Dial powers its mission-critical intranet and extranet applications on Red Hat
Enterprise Linux. Tax Spanner, the best income tax intermediary runs its business on Linux.

As a result of freedom there are 300+ GNU/Linux distributions so far. High end movie productions are done on Linux clusters, recent example being the movie Avatar. Many famous one’s like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Orkut, Diaspora & many are heavy users of GNU/Linux.

 GNU/Linux: The Journey so far

· 1983
GNU project is announced by Richard Stallman.

· 1985
The GNU Manifesto, a statement by Richard Stallman advocating the cause of free software is

· 1987
MINIX was first released by Andrew S. Tanenbaum with its complete source code made available
for study and research which also inspired creation of Linux Kernel.

· 1991
Linus Torvalds creates Linux kernel.

· 1992
Linus licenses Linux under GPL, a license by Free Software Foundation.

· 1993
Redhat founded & releases it’s distro a year later.
Slackware becomes the first commercial standalone distribution.
Debian Linux distro released.

· 1995
First version of MySQL released.

· 1996
Apache web server is born.
SUSE Linux,a German Linux distro is released.
PCQ Linux version 1 is released.

· 1997
First “Linux virus” known as Bliss Discovered.

· 1998
OSI formed
GOOGLE is born, and runs on custom designed version of Linux.
Mandriva Linux released.

· 1999 is born.
The GNOME project gave birth to Gnome Desktop.

· 2001
The US National Security Agency (NSA) releases SELinux under the GPL.

· 2002
The Gentoo foundation released the first version of Gentoo Linux.

· 2003
Fedora OS,developed by Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat came into being.
Bill Reymonds released PCLinuxOS.

· 2004
Cannonical released debian based Ubuntu.
Cent OS project resulted in CentOS OS,bassed on RHEL.

· 2006
Linux Mint distro was released based on ubuntu targeted at people with less or no prior Linux

· 2010
The first smartphone based on Android, Google Nexux One was released.

· 2011
Linux kernel 3.0 released. 2,00,000+ apps available for Google Android.
I'm happy that I had utilized two days of my bench period in writing this at Accenture :-)
Sources : PC Quest,Wikipedia,My knowledge ;-) 

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