My World of Free Software.  

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My favourite one's are ......  

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OS Wars!

Desktop Environment's

What does FREE in free software mean?  

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Free Software and Free ware are not one and the same!
Free in Free Software indicates Freedom not price,where as free in free ware indicates zero price not freedom.

So be careful when you Speak!
Yahoo Messenger is a Free ware.
Pidgin is a Free Software .
i-Tunes is a free ware.
VLC player is a Free Software.

By these example's I think everyone is clear about what free in free software means!!!

Watch this small video for more clarity!

Visually Challenged Show the power of Free Software.  

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No Words just WATCH!

Happy Holi!  

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Indian Free Software Community wishes every one a colourful Holi.

About Free Software:-
Free software is all about keeping knowledge open for a better society.Free Software protects community from harmful software patents. It's Community contribution & social values strengthen it.

Tell them it's Linux!  

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These guys took kde4 onto street's and just see the reaction out there!!!

Source: ZDNET