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We were on an Industrial tour a few days back .We visited almost all the famous places in South India , Munnar remains my favourite.

More than the beauty of Munnar I was happy for one reason ; The freedom state 'Kerala' . By now you might have figured it out , yes it's the state where more than 2500 schools ,many colleges & organizations have got transformed to FREE(dom) software.Some of my friends & I were very curious to visit the schools there.

I rang Bhuvan (student coordinator FSF-AP) to ask if he could help us,he gave me contact details of Anvar Sadith(Executive director of IT@School ).I called Anwar sir that night , he gave me his appointment at 10.00 am the next day.

We were in Thiruvanthapuram then, we were new to the place.In the morning i rang Anvar sir to know the location of the Education department of Kerala.He spoke to us in a friendly manner ,that made us a lot comfortable.He gave us the route details in a clear manner .Shashank & I took an auto from our hotel.On the way we came across a central prison,it was really big and we were having communication problems with the auto driver as he was talking to us in Malayalam & Shashank was making fun out of our funny conversation with the auto driver.We only knew Telugu,Hindi and English.We were asking him about various places that came by , we managed to understand what he spoke.Finally we reached the Education department.

We met Anvar Sadith Sir ,he cleary explained us about the project IT@School .More than 2500 schools were using only GNU/Linux.He said
“It all started back in the year 2002 when IT@school mission was actually planned.In 2003 teachers were given computer training to empower them in IT.By the year 2006 many schools were completely transformed to GNU/Linux.Free software was taught to teachers by SPACE( Society For Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment). By 2007 all the schools were stabilized with GNU/Linux and IT subject was made compulsory.New text books were created that taught school children free software tools.”

I was able to see his spirit and dedication behind this successful mission. Finally our conversation with Anvar sir was over.We asked him whether we could visit some schools nearby, he readily agreed.

We visited a girls school which had 5500 students studying there.We met the principal and spoke to her,luckily a master trainer was present in the Principals room.She took us to labs and we were very happy to see GNU and TUX residing in computer labs.We spoke to the students and teachers there.Jayashree Mam (one of the Master trainer) is an excellent trainer,we could see her skills while she was troubleshooting some of the GNU/LINUX systems.She was very friendly with us and gave us a clear idea about free software adoption in schools.

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Hey nice media you have got in here ;)

srikar .. planning anything like that in AP ? remember that madam saying that they were thaught by students and faculty of engineering college which completely uses free software .

I think srikar , while you are in college try to convert your college as much as possible to free software

March 8, 2009 at 1:57 AM

We go to colleges in our free time and establish glugs.We follow these new glugs until they become strong.I guess we will reach that state soon :)

April 22, 2009 at 7:22 PM

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