Difference between copyrights and patents.  

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I was not clear about this issue for a long time,most of the sites and wiki entries just end up in copying the definition of copyrights and patents from official sites(patent and copyright commissions).They don't try to convey the meaning to normal people with examples.So i decided to write on this issue.


A copyright protects original works that fall under the categories of literature, dramatic, musical, artistic, and intellectual property.

For example:-
If I write a book on "Imagination" and copyright it,no one has a right to copy my work but they can write another book on imagination in a different manner.A copyright protects a form of expression, but not the subject matter of the work.

A patent for an invention grants a property right to the inventor that will prevent anyone else from making, using, or selling an invention.

For example:-
If someone invents a technology(product or process) and patents it,it ensures anyone else from making a similar technology & using similar technology unless the inventor gives the right to do so.And lets us assume I invented the same technology next day , still i cant call it my invention as someone had patented it.

Lets us assume two groups namely A and B started working on telephone technology since 15 years(ex:CDMA ) and these A and B are no where related to each other and they live in different parts of the world.If A invents CDMA technology a day after B,he cant call it his invention as B had already patented it.So what happens to all the effort(15 years) made by A ?

This situation may or may not happen, but think of something where inventions are rapid as in a software industry.

Why Software patenting is bad??
In software industries(small scale or large scale) the inventions are rapid, every day a new algorithm or a process is developed ,patenting them is dangerous.

If our programming teacher asks us to develop a search algorithm ,many students come up with different ideas and they want to implement their own ideas and just imagine if all the search algorithms are patented by proprietary companies!!!

Many software industries are patenting very basic things to maintain their monopoly.
And this is the reason that makes me to go against apple and microsoft.These people(many proprietary companies) are responsible for killing innovation in software industry.

For in depth analysis just google or visit this site http://www.nosoftwarepatents.com/en

A simple difference between copyright and patent.
copyright says:- you can laugh ,but dont laugh like me.
patent says:- dont laugh.

Even "double click " is patented??If there's a button, i need to click it once or twice, why should it be patented? How stupid is that?

To find out what type of patents Microsoft ,apple and other proprietary companies implement, just try these keywords in Google "stupid Microsoft patents" ,"stupid apple patents , "Microsoft patent facts" etc.

note:- I am no way related to microsoft ,apple.They are not my enemies ,i go against them becoz they do stupid things such as software patenting and I do have a right to criticize them as I live in a democratic country :)

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needs much more real time examples dude..tats wat i felt...
n matter if its abt m.s / apple jus mention them ...and try dis link

October 10, 2008 at 10:49 AM

note to all the readers:
I will add more examples soon...and if you have interesting examples ..do post them as comments.It will help others who are reading this blog.

October 10, 2008 at 11:05 AM

This much is enough for people to figure out, assuming they are interested + smart :)

October 26, 2008 at 2:11 AM

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